Once Albert Einstein expressed his view by a statement

         Once Albert Einstein expressed his view by a statement- 
I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.
And the day has arrived. The pace of growth and evolution of machines are far better than human being. One main difference among both is that machines lack intelligence. Scientists and technologists all over the world are working to overcome this barrier. And a weapon has reached their hand in this struggle, a technology that can change the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can make machines to think. According to Stephens Hawking – 
Artificial Intelligence is likely to be either the best or worst things to happen to humanity.

Now the question arises what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

   Artificial Intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence shown by machines. We can also define this as any device that perceives its environment and able to take actions depending on the goal it wants to achieve, can be treated as an AI agent. It is also treated as an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like a human, such as speech recognition, hearing, planning, problem-solving etc. AI can be used for making a computer, a computer-controlled robot or software that can think intelligently, in a similar way a human thinks.

      A lot of people thought that with AI, machines will become emotional. But something that follows rule strictly cannot be emotional. So everything in AI is well controlled and thus it makes machines act as intelligently not emotionally.


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

  •       Machines can be used in any adverse environment. It can replace human in harsh condition decreasing casualties.
  •    With AI chances of error will become marginal and accuracy and precision will increase greatly.
  •   Repeated work can be done by AI reducing time waste and cost.
  •    AI can do works without break and they do not become tired.
  •      AI will decrease the cost of training and operation. 

Challenges due to Artificial Intelligence:

1.      Implementation of AI will be costly for different organization and it will be difficult for them to sustain.
2.      AI will decrease creativity.
3.      Lack of out of box thinking.
4.      Job vacancy will decrease rapidly.
5.      AI controlled weapons may cause more devastation.

Fields where Artificial Intelligence has a strong presence:
·         Aviation
·         Education
·         Finance and e-commerce
·         Robot Industry and Chatbots
·         Gaming Industry
·         Healthcare
·         Media and music
·         Telecommunications
·         Sensors and detectors

Artificial Intelligence in our daily life:
·         AI supported smartphones
·         Google searching
·         Smart cars and Drones
·         Social media feedback
·         Music and media streaming service
·         Navigation and traveling
·         Smart home devices…etc and etc

Future of Artificial Intelligence:
1.      Automated transportation system will take up 80% of the global system
2.      AI enabled robot that can be a real friend of human.
3.      AI can predict natural calamities far before…..
                      ……………………. More and more coming up.

So, no fear of job loss. As the computer has generated lots of job and opportunities, AI will also do so. What we need is to gather knowledge and expertise in it so that we can tame this wild tide.

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